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Chen Zong

Hi there! I am Chen Zong, a PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) of Shandong University, advised by Prof. Shiqing Xin. My research is concerned with discrete geometry processing. My interests are computer graphics, computational geometry and geometric modeling.


  • 08/2023, invited talk at SIGGRAPH 2023.
  • 07/2023, invited talk at SPM 2023.
  • 06/2023, graduated from Shandong University ;)
  • 06/2023, our paper "Parallel Post-processing of Restricted Voronoi Diagram on Thin Sheet Models" is published in Computer-Aided Design
  • 04/2023, attend CVM 2023 to introduce our work of GBGVD in Shenzhen.
  • 03/2023, our paper is accepted to SIGGRAPH 2023!
  • Publications

    1. P2M: A Fast Solver for Querying Distance from Point to Mesh Surface
      Chen Zong*, Jiacheng Xu*, Jiantao Song, Shuangmin Chen, Shiqing Xin, Wenping Wang, Changhe Tu
      ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2023) | Project Page

    2. A Region‐growing GradNormal Algorithm for Geometrically and Topologically Accurate Mesh Extraction
      Chen Zong, Jinhui Zhao, Lei Wang, Pengfei Wang, Shuangmin Chen, Shiqing Xin, Yuanfeng Zhou, Changhe Tu and Wenping Wang
      SPM 2023

    3. RFEPS: Reconstructing Feature‐line Equipped Polygonal Surface
      Rui Xu, Zixiong Wang, Zhiyang Dou, Chen Zong Shiqing Xin, Mingyan Jiang, Tao Ju, Changhe Tu
      ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 41, 2 | Project Page

    4. Parallel Post‐processing of Restricted Voronoi Diagram on Thin Sheet Models
      Chen Zong, Pengfei Wang, Dong‐Ming Yan, Shuangmin Chen, Shiqing Xin, Changhe Tu, Qiang Hu
      Computer‐Aided Design, Volume 159, June 2023, 103511 | paper

    5. GBGVD: Growth‐Based Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams
      Yunjia Qi, Chen Zong, Yunxiao Zhang, Shuangmin Chen, Minfeng Xu, Lingqiong Ran, Jian Xu, Shiqing Xin, Ying He
      CVM 2023 (Recommended to Graphical Models)

    6. SDF‐RVD: Restricted Voronoi Diagram on Signed Distance Field
      Wenjuan Hou*, Chen Zong*, Pengfei Wang, Shiqing Xin, Shuangmin Chen, Guozhu Liu, Changhe Tu, Wenping Wang
      Computer‐Aided Design, Volume 144, 2022, 103166 | paper

    7. Visually smooth multi‐UAV formation transformation
      Xinyu Zheng*, Chen Zong*, Jingliang Cheng, Jian Xu, Shiqing Xin, Changhe Tu, Shuangmin Chen, Wenping Wang
      Graphical Models, Volume 116, 2021, 101111 | paper

    8. Automatically modeling piecewise planar furniture shapes from unorganized point cloud
      Junhao Zhao, Chen Zong, Luming Cao, Shuangmin Chen, Guozhu Liu, Jian Xu, Shiqing Xin
      Computers & Graphics, Volume 90, 2020, Pages 116‐125 | paper